We are Liz and Ruth, permaculture designers, eager to illustrate through teaching and practice how small changes can bring about great things in lives, in towns, in countries, in the world.  We have been teaching permaculture across south London for three years.

Ruth is an experienced mother, primary school teacher and home educator, artist, cook, gardener, presently Volunteer Co-ordinator at Sutton Community Farm.  Curiosity drives Ruth to discover and experiment, most recently with sauer-kraut!

Liz is a chartered civil engineer, sustainability professional, eco-retrofit project manager, gardener and community activist with a keen interest in making things from pallets!

Ruth and Liz met on the permaculture design course at Hawkwood nurseries and collaborated on permaculture designs for Sutton Community Farm.  Alongside our diploma work we actively support our local network of fellow permaculture diploma apprentices.

We believe in good food, good connections, and good ways of going about getting them.  


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