We are Liz and Sam, permaculture designers, eager to illustrate through teaching and practice how small changes can bring about great things in lives, in towns, in countries, in the world.

Liz is a mother,  sustainability professional, eco-retrofit project manager, gardener, community activist and chartered civil engineer, with a keen interest in making things from pallets!  Liz has a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and has been teaching introductory Permaculture courses for 6 years.  Liz has a thriving urban permaculture garden with a mini orchard, pond, hugel beds and much more. She also has a passion for alternative forms of education for children.

Sam’s passion for permaculture began in Kenya where he completed his Permaculture Design Certificate. Permaculture presented a new set of design tools that inspired and shifted Sam’s perspective on the amazing possibilities of what can be achieved for people and nature through good design. Sam’s work focuses on sustainable food and farming. He previously managed Sutton Community Farm on the edges of London in 2012-16 which he helped turn into a successful community-owned business. Today, Sam works at Forum for the Future focusing on strategies to shift our food and farming systems to be radically more sustainable. For more about Sam, please visit his website

We believe in good food, good connections, and good ways of going about getting them.  

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