Birth preparation design

[Criteria 1: Looby’s design web, Holmgren Principles, PMI, brainstorm/mind map. Criteria 2; permaculture in my own life.] This design was developed throughout my pregnancy which began in Feb 2013, but a lot of groundwork had been done throughout the course of my diploma starting in summer 2012.  A lot of strands that had been unconnected […]

TT Cobham permaculture afternoon

[Criteria 1; SADIM, Client Interview, Holmgren Principles, PMI, Zones/Sectors. Criteria 3; education. Criteria 4; leading workshops. Criteria 5; convening courses and events] I was invited by Stephanie Jacommeti (SJ), who attended one of our intro to permaculture courses at Sutton Community Farm in 2013, to facilitate an afternoon with her garden group at Transition Town […]

Douglas Road energy strategy

[Criteria 1; SADIM, Holmgren Principles, PMI, Zones/sectors, microclimates, patterns, incremental design, mind maps, ethics. Criteria 2: permaculture in my own home. Criteria 3: site development. Criteria 4; dissemination (Open Homes). Criteria 6; symmetry (Open Homes and thermal imaging parties), Criteria 7: evaluation and costings] The story is set in an end of terrace 3 bed […]

Peer review guild

[Criteria 1; Holmgren principles, patterns, incremental design. Criteria 3; administration. Criteria 5; community building. Criteria 6; symmetry] This design began in December 2012 and my inputs lasted for about a year. I don’t resonate with the ‘apply self regulation and accept feedback’ principle too well in my permaculture designs, or at least I haven’t so […]

Douglas Road garden design

[Criteria 1; OBREDIMET, Holmgren principles, PMI, PASE, Zones/sectors, shade analysis, microclimates, base maps, client interview, soil analysis, incremental design, ethics. Criteria 2; permaculture in my home. Criteria 3; site development] This is the design for the above space, my back garden at Douglas Road, Surbiton. The designer is me, the implementers are me, Catherine and […]


Criteria 1; Holmgren principles, zones, patterns, base map. Criteria 2; applying permaculture in my home. Criteria 3; site development. Criteria 4; writing articles] Through my overall garden design I defined a zone 3 of the garden which was to be primarily a wildlife area.  I also defined a need for a pond in the garden.  Ponds attract […]