Summary of how I meet the assessment criteria

  1. Demonstrating design skills

The following table shows the design tools and frameworks used in each of my 10 designs.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Design frameworks
SADIM x x x x
Looby’s design web x
Action learning cycle x x
Deisgn tools
Principles x x x x x x x x x x
Ethics x  x x x x x x x x x
Basemap x x x
Overlays x x x
SWOC x x
Embodied energy x
Wild design x
Random Assembly x
Web of connections x
PMI x x x x x
PASE x x
Zones/sectors x x x
Shade analysis x x
Microclimates x x
Patterns x x x
input/ouput x x x
Client interview x x
Soil analysis x x
Incremental design x x x x x
Limits x x
Helps x
Brainstorm/mind maps x x
Four questions x x

In all ten of the designs I have demonstrated the following criteria:

  1. Methods to suit situation
  2. Intelligible design
  3. Appropriate documentation
  4. Progression in learning

At the end of this process I feel fluent in the following tools and methods: Holmgren principles, SADIM, PMI, PASE, Zones/sectors, client interview, incremental design, and brainstorm and mind maps

  1. Applying permaculture in your own life
    1. Physical set up of my house and garden: pondgarden, bike trailer
    2. Emotional and personal: teasel, birth
  2. Applying permaculture to your work and projects
    1. Site development: pondgarden
    2. Administration: peer support guild
    3. Education: intro teaching, TT Cobham
  3. Dissemination
    1. Writing articles: pond
    2. Leading workshops, giving talks and presentations: intro teaching, TT Cobham
    3. Seeking teaching spots: TT Cobham and intro teaching
    4. FGU video
  4. Community building:
    1. Peer Support Guilds: peer support guild
    2. Convening courses or events: intro teaching and TT Cobham
    3. Local groups/TT initatives – outdoor playgroup.  I have been/am active locally although I have not presented a ‘design’ for any of my work more information is contained in my designers CV.  Local groups I am involved with include Kingston Community Energy, Transition Town Kingston, Kingston Permaculture Network
    4. Veg video
  5. Symmetry
    1. peer support guild, following on from my energy work and alongside my work with Kingston Community Energy I regularly provide individual advice about energy measures to local friends and neighbours including hosting an open house event
  6. Evaluation and costings
    1. This was looked at extensively in the garden designs
    2. I have considered an evaluation of the costs in all designs

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