Permaculture designer’s CV

My passion for growing, being outdoors and re-using ‘waste’ materials in DIY building projects are all big influences on my permaculture design skills. So too are my professional experience as a civil engineer and running a sustainability consultancy and my voluntary experience with my local Transition group and setting up Kingston Community Energy.

I use permaculture design to help me deal with whatever is current in my life. Current right now is my young daughter Teasel so my most recent interests are in raising and developing earth friendly, resilient children to face our uncertain future.

Significant projects and design areas

Small scale sub-urban home and garden (2012 – ongoing):

  • Low carbon refurbishment of sub-urban homes including both low energy in use and low carbon in manufacture and installation.
  • Building with ‘waste’, my particular passion is to use pallets and other waste wood, I have designed and built a shed, hugel-kultur system and lots of furniture and fixtures in the house.
  • An evolving back garden design to optimise food growing, play and biodiversity

Raising my daughter (2013 – ongoing):

  • My daughter is now 1, so my focus so far has been on birth and the first year. This is a continually evolving design project.

Teaching permaculture (2012 – ongoing):

  • Beginning as a platform for me to deepen my understanding of permaculture design I co-run Grow South a permaculture teaching enterprise, we regularly run introduction to permaculture courses in south London and do bespoke courses for local Transition groups. I am planning to expand my teaching practice into other areas for both adults and children.

Director of BioRegional Consulting (2006 – 2011):

  • Delivering projects to public and private sector clients most commonly using a holistic sustainability framework covering 10 ‘One Planet’ principles, which align closely with permaculture design principles. Much of my work was in the construction sector.

Community Building (2012 – ongoing):

  • Director of Kingston Community Energy; local community interest company helping people to reduce their energy use through home energy efficiency and low carbon technology
  • Kingston Permaculture Network (2012-13), including organising events, co-ordinating mailing list, assisting at local events etc
  • London permaculture diploma apprentice network (2012-13); I co-ordinated a regular meet up and initiated peer review project among the apprentice network.

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