Appendix 1: Client Interview TT Cobham

Meeting with Stephanie 20/1/14 at TT Cobham allotment sites


  • 30 x 40m area for garden behind allotments

  • Team includes very experienced growers and some inexperienced ones too

  • Vision: healthy eating, getting people to understand growing in the local area, bringing in more people to TTC, children, council referrals of mental and physical health problems. Huge vision to meet lots of needs all at once – perhaps there are conflicts in visions among the group as well.

  • Will they hold onto a design and stick to it or will they allow the project to unfold with whoever comes forward with whatever they want to plant??

  • SJ wants the group to understand more about permaculture.

  • A mixture of learning permaculture and planning their site – perhaps a 2 hr session on intro to permaculture (web of life, principles, ethics – briefly but important for considering who/what the space is used for, patterns maybe) and then 1.5hr designing the site.

  • They don’t have the land yet.

  • She also wants the group to get permaculture more generally cos it underpins TT ethos.

  • Previously allotment land so she expects it to be very fertile.

  • The area is used for circus and major events in Cobham – there is a desire to tarmac it


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