Annex: Inner design work

Inner design work that I have been doing throughout my pregnancy which has been a ‘HELP’


I began a process of inner work without clearly defining the aim of the design, hoping that through my explorations I would discover the aim for the design.

Tools used:

I worked a lot with Looby Macnamara’s people and permaculture book, practising using suggested tools that she has outlined and that resonated with me.

During this period I was also involved with the following:

  • ‘Macy Tuesday’ workshops in Ealing, a monthly exploration of some of Joanna Macy’s work with a small group of local transition type people.

  • TTK non violent communication/inner transition group. A group of TTK people who met on a monthly basis to explore, test and discuss NVC.

  • Happiness talk – the one about random acts of kindness (is that relevant)

  • Mindfulness talk – Thit Nhich Than

  • Pregnancy yoga and active birthing classes – movement, breathing and mindfulness to prepare for birth

  • Discussion on diploma facebook group and research into other people’s ‘zone 00’ designs

  • Attending a zone 00 workshop at the diploma gathering in Dec 2012

Specific design tools used

  • Biotime diary;

      • approx. 2 weeks in august 2012

      • 10 days in feb 2013

  • River of my life

  • Think & listen questions for myself to answer (mar 2013 and july 2013)

      • ‘What’s difficult about my life right now’

      • ‘What does it feel like in my body’

      • ‘What am I frightened of’

      • ‘What helps me/stops me being present’

  • Plus, minus, interesting of the last day or week (may, july, august 2013)

  • Looby’s Design web analysis

  • Energy flows

  • Skills audit

  • Needs analysis

  • SWOT

  • ‘Things I want’

  • Job/money/life plans

  • Life aims (fitness, empowerment, spiritual and social) which I have kept a record of since 2006 updating every 6 months(ish)

  • Storyboard of my day to day 2012(ish)

Most of this I did on my own. I involved Catherine a little bit in some of the job/money/life plans

There are a few things going on with this work:

  1. A desire to be more grounded and content within myself, with who I am and to gain a better understanding of myself

  1. I want to be able to maintain a strong and healthy mind, I want to be resilient in my inner self so that I can tackle some of the outer work I do better.

  2. A desire to make more space in my life for practices that will help to keep me grounded/content etc (such as yoga, meditation) – which springs from knowing that I have always had these practices on my life aims since 2006 but been really bad at actually bringing them into my life – what are the blocks?

  3. A desire to clarify what my livelihood is, in a way that makes me comfortable with it, but also to think of ways that livelihood can earn me an income. Within this there are two things – my own personal perception of ‘career’ or livelihood as well as what I actually do in my day to day life.

  4. A desire to be in a good mental place in preparation for the birth of my baby so that I can approach motherhood with a healthy mind (as well as healthy body – which for me usually comes quite naturally)

  5. A desire not to navel gaze too much for risk of getting stuck inside my own navel!!!

Possible outcomes:

  • Design of some check in tools/approaches that I can do on a regular basis to check in with myself

  • This is a journey and maybe there doesn’t need to be an outcome or an end point


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