Course feedback

This is all the feedback we have ever recieved for all of our courses gathered into one space.  The sessions have changed over the two years of teaching in terms of content and whether the actual session is in or out of the course.  This provides an overall summary of feedback.


  • this is the best ice breaker/intro activity I have come across
  • loved the animal potato games

What is permaculture?

  • Video inspiring
  • first video shown gave very encouraging sense of possibility



  • insightful
  • need to practice this concept
  • thought provoking
  • liked i-o showing complex netowrk of links
  • nicely evolving chicken greenhouse connections
  • I love the string net idea (very powerful)
  • string exercise really demonstrated very well for me how everything is interconnected
  • net of input/output needs/product highly effective – great
  • great way to start
  • really warm and simple way of starting got my attention right away
  • got the thought processes going
  • loved the string exercise to demonstrate interconnection and interdependence



  • I enjoyed learning and discussing the ethics with others
  • enjoyed these – would be good to have a list to keep (principles and patterns too)
  • learnt to be more decisive with the permaculture way (EPP)
  • interesting and exciting – would like copies of these for further study and inspiration different things will resonate at different times (EPP)
  • more examples of good or bad ethics
  • wonderful framework to keep in mind – especially peopple care


  • would have liked more on this – application to growing plants and plans
  • demonstrate how patterns can be related into permaculture practice
  • this was a good way of looking at this
  • most interesting thing for me
  • really good


  • can apply anywhere and everything
  • yes I also liked this aspect
  • could we have extended this more, I wasn’t clear that the context card was in reflected its meaning
  • more time spent on this topic – I agree good to spend more time on this

Tour/principles reinforcer

  • found very interesting
  • yes liked this


  • relaxing
  • very claming
  • really enjoyed
  • good use of post lunch session
  • stuff goes on without input from me I benefit from ‘down time’
  • session outside after lunch being part of habitat – very soothing
  • loved it – ditto
  • good activity interat with nature/environment and clear mind and use all senses
  • best time ever!
  • Maybe needed more guidance about what particularly to observe
  • this was the most important aspect for me observation and planning


  • very interesting applying principles to own life
  • interesting way of looking at situations
  • sectors not well introduced but understanding evolved
  • good and interesting
  • most interesting here onwards
  • loved the 3-d model got me thinking
  • more time dedicated to sectors would be good
  • really liked this especially the 3d model



  • great tool will use it at work
  • I didn’t really understand interesting as neutral in my mind everything interesting was a positive


less up and down today – better


  • snail world – wow!!
  • made me realise how much we had covered on day 1 without realising it

Zone my world

  • Good to take time to observe my routine
  • didn’t find it relevant to the course subject
  • enjoyed learing about my parterns zone
  • made me think
  • food for thought
  • really helpful in making me think from afar about my use of time/action
  • good self reflection tool
  • a very useful tool for personal life – an unexpected bonus of the permaculture course
  • ditto – looking forward to applying across my life
  • great tool found this very useful to apply to different aspects of life
  • very useful can be applied to everything
  • an eye opener to my lack of diversity


  • made me notice the obvious
  • inclusion and application of zones/utilities allows me to see our environment in a refreshing and productive way
  • SADIM useful in reminding me not to rush in and expect immediate action and results – 80% plan 20% action
  • the little we did with regards to surveying really helped to build my awareness of the spaces around me I have begun to see with different eyes
  • I enjoyed drawing a base plan out and cannot believe I have not ever thought about my garden in this way


  • great for generating ideas/thoughts
  • quick and powerful tools to apply
  • I didn’t understand why we did this at first, but when we moved to design I realised how important it was especially PASE what we wanted


  • need more plant knowledge *4
  • very good to put skills into practice but not simple the first time
  • showed me how difficult and challenging process/implementation is
  • good idea to start the learning process and think about the interlinking of nature
  • found it hard to put theory into practice (ME TOO)
  • challenging
  • steep learning curve
  • I didn’t feel I had enough knowledge or experience to make a design I would have preferred to see an existing/working design to learn from
  • intresting to watch our ideas grow and compliment eachother until the idea for the space became coherent
  • enojyed the emerging maps loads of new ideas – I AGRRE
  • much more of an idea of canbury park site
  • teaching had prepared me for this and it was really good fun to do challenging to remember all the factors to consider
  • more input during
  • this was my highlight of the course
  • really enjoyed the process putting principles and tools into practice and relevance to real life examples and projects
  • real life design is a definitie plus point! (as opposed to designing a hypothetical situation)
  • enjoyed working in the team and using principles learned
  • this was the most challenging bit – but most important
  • I think it would have been useful to have a crib sheet of all factors to consider (roughly) in order e.g. ethics, patterns, principles, zones – there was so much to consider I felt like I needed more strucutre to approach this

Design presentations

  • Great! Made me think and come up with ideas
  • maybe a video/pictures of established gardens
  • amazing designs
  • would have liked more constructive criticism of our design

What next

  • useful sharing opportunity
  • made me think and put intentions into action
  • apply principles and practice in my home, garden, life



  • nice to have the chance at a possible design makes things much more realistic and exciting
  • next step permaculture design
  • a thought provoking two days
  • very enjoyable, made me realise what a big natural environment I do not know about
  • overall mapping on board really helpful and clear, good to reflect on
  • great to get an overview of permaculture ideas and principles
  • loved all the visual aids – diagrams, pictures, colours etc
  • material covered on first day could have been covered more quickly to spend more time on practical application of principles
  • the best day is more practical so agree with above
  • a great way to spend a weekend
  • simpler instructions for tasks and explanations after, experiential learning
  • I thought today was well strucutured and balanced and really enjoyed it. I think you both work well together. the wonderful soup, muffins, biscuits and lunch and tea are a real treat and much enjoyed and appreciated! Thanks for all the useful and inspiring insights and for such a fun and interesting weekend! PS I thought the photo tour of liz’s garden and plans was fantastic and very inspring
  • thank you for an interesting and thought provoking weekend. Loved the apple exercise a real eye opener
  • liked the games and the format would have liked to see more examples such as the hugel and water retention system but I guess i’ll have to continue learning about permaculture after this course – thank you for this fun introduction
  • really great course – great teaching, right balance of learning, indoors/outdoors work. Good to see liz’s real life example of her garden before and after photos. Sharing food was fab. All very very good I will recommend the course!
  • The weekend was a weekend to remember. I’m glad I decided to come in this beautiful place and do it. I enjoyed being in a very different environment from the place I usually work (a construction site!). I heard the word permaculture many times but I finally feel I can grab the meaning at least enough to feel I want more. The leaders Liz and Ruth were so good, clear, funny, knowledgeable people. I feel my eyes are wide open as well as my senses. I learned a lot from the practical exercises. And involvement makes understanding easier than just an explantion. There was a lot to think, to reflect, to learn, to take away and bring back to the city, in my job, in my garden. The interaction with the garm and the people I was with felt like perfect to understand in a touchable way, what permaculture is. Thanks for the gift of observation and the silence I really enjoyed the design session, the patterns and the survey. Thank you ladies, thanks sutton farm, thanks earth!

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