Appendix for bike trailer design: client interview

11 06 2015

What are my needs and wants?

  • Vision: to be able to use my bike more than I currently, I would like to be able to go shopping with the bike as well as doing the outings I already do. I hate driving to the shops, it is an energy leak (fossil fuel, money, time – it may take more time to go by bike but at least I am staying healthy in the process).
  • Need: Ability to carry heavy and bulky shopping home from the shops
  • Need: Ability to carry Teasel on the bike with associated stuff for short outings
  • Need: Fully functioning bike!
  • Need: to be able to store my bike and its associated bits and bobs safely in my shed in the back garden down the alley.
  • Want: Possibility of multi day bike rides, the ability to carry kit, probably not a tent but at least overnight stuff

What is my current bike useage?

  • Outings (e.g. swimming, park, library, playgroup etc) 2 – 4 times/week. Riding 15 – 20mins max
  • Occasional errands as part of these outings e.g. butcher, computer repair, local shop
  • I can only cycle when I know Teasel will not fall asleep in the bike seat, as if she does her head lolls very uncomfortably and I feel bad, I prefer for her to be awake in the current bike seat.
  • Every time I go out the basket contains my 2 locks and a bag of Teasel items (clothes, food etc)

What is my desired bike useage?

  • Continue with outings they work well
  • Shopping for groceries, this requires storage on the bike to carry heavy and bulky items home. I currently can only carry a couple of small items at a time.
  • Long distance cycle trips for pleasure – train + bike at weekends, perhaps multi-day.

What are my values?

  • Using the bike maintains my fitness and is preferable to going by bus (bus requires getting on and off with heavy buggy).
  • I value sustainable transport modes, I think it is important that my children travel by bike or bus rather than car as much as possible to foster good habits and a sense of the way we do things as a family.

What are my personal limiting factors?

  • Short term I may struggle to cycle as I get more pregnant and it may be hard with new small baby, but that doesn’t stop me from implementing a design now and having it available for next summer too once the new baby is big enough to go on a bike.
  • Whilst I can build something myself I am not sure if I have the motivation for it. I would like to explore through this design the options for self build but also look at buying something off the shelf.
  • Time – most of my time is taken up with child care and then gardening, there isn’t much on top of that. And right now with diploma!

What personal resources do I have?

  • Tools and skills with making things, although I’ve never tried anything that moves.
  • Lots of locally available materials

What is my timescale for this design?

It would be great to have something implemented this summer, I want the design finished to tie in with finishing off my diploma, but the implementation is less important.




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